"IMAGES is disturbing, mesmerizing, and provocative." 

"IMAGES attaches a shadow to the creeping reality of internet addiction driven by a global media machine which daily feeds over forty-six percent of the world's population."

Starring-Missy Fennewald

"IMAGES is powerful and passionate; a concept which pushes familiar standard narrative away from the safety of dry land into undefined choppy experimental waters."  

From IMAGES creator-Denny Dey....

"I was astonished by Missy Fennewald's ability to bring this character to life in front of the camera.  She created a remarkable vision which exceeded my highest expectation. This is a Fennewald performance that I couldn't stop watching."


"In Act 1 we see the main character defending her internet addiction.  In Act 2 we see her TRANSITION and prepare for internet entry with a nightly ritual.  In Act 3 we subject the viewer to the very same set of IMAGES which propel this woman deeper and deeper into INTERNET ADDICTION."

Award winning Director, Rob Nilsson comments on Images creator-Denny Dey. 

"Denny comes up with pure ridge line lightning. You don't know where it's coming from, but that's what sets it apart. He sees the world we think we know, but he surprises us."